Cleaning & Repairs

Keep Your Jewelry Looking Good as New

Cleaning & Repairs

Keep Your Jewelry Looking Good as New


A regular professional jewelry cleaning is a good idea. Not only does it keep your jewelry looking its best, it also ensures that a trained professional takes a look at it at least once a year, allowing for the earliest possible detection of wear or damage.

Here are some things you can do to keep your jewelry clean between professional cleanings:
Diamond Jewelry Cleaning

For diamonds, use a soft-bristled non-metallic brush and a mild ammonia and water solution. Gently scrub away any grime, especially around the prongs or setting where buildup is likely. Even a clean looking diamond often has a thin layer of skin oil and will shine better after a cleaning. Avoid touching the diamond as much as possible.

Stone Jewelry Cleaning

Cleaning gemstones is easy. Simply soak the piece in a bowl of warm, soapy water for several minutes and then use a soft, non-metallic brush to remove any grime. If you use a jewelry cleanser, make sure it is non-abrasive. Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners, and don’t clean the item in the sink too often to avoid it ending up down the drainpipe. Also keep in mind that some gemstones may have been treated or enhanced by heating, oiling, irradiation, or diffusion. Heated and irradiated stones generally don’t require special care when cleaning, but diffused stones could become lighter if scrubbed too hard. Also, the oil on an emerald can be stripped away by cleaning, making the emerald change appearance. If this happens, simply bring it to your jeweler for re-oiling.

Pearl Jewelry Cleaning

Pearls are beautiful. Unfortunately, the layers of nacre of which a pearl is made are very soft by jewelry standards and are easily damaged. Since it is an organic compound, pearls also can be easily dulled or even eaten away by chemicals and alcohol. Wash cultured pearls in very mild, soapy water and nothing else. It’s also a good idea to bring your cultured pearls in for restringing every couple of years, especially if you wear them often.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaners are machines that clean jewelry by bombarding them with sound waves. This vibration shakes off dirt, but the vibrations can also cause serious damage. The inclusions in gemstones, especially brittle stones like emeralds, can be greatly enlarged by the shaking, making the stones less attractive and even less valuable. Soft gems like pearls should never be put in an ultrasonic cleaner. Because of the risk, we recommend against using the ultrasonic cleaners now available to consumers, unless your jeweler specifically says it won’t cause any damage.

Metal Jewelry Cleaning

For mountings, you can use rubbing alcohol to dissolve some of the stickier grime. However, don’t use alcohol on any kind of pearl jewelry. Soap and water and a soft brush will take care of most of your cleaning needs. Make sure the brush is VERY soft when used on metal, especially gold, which can be scratched relatively easily. Use a soft cloth that won’t leave fuzz or threads behind to dry and buff your jewelry once it’s cleaned.

Jewelry Cleaning and Repairs in Elizabethton, TN

Jewelry Repairs

Over 18 Years of Experience

At the Jeweler’s Bench, we understand that life can sometimes get in the way of the beauty and durability of jewelry. That is why we offer an affordable and dependable in-house jewelry repair service.  Our jeweler has over 18 years of hands-on experience in jewelry repair. From simple ring sizing and stone resetting, to heirloom restoration, only trust an expert with your precious jewelry.

If you are in need of jewelry repair, visit the Jeweler’s Bench to have your items evaluated. We will work closely with you to ensure your jewelry is kept safe and secure during the jewelry repair process.

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  • They did a fantastic job on my ring!

    Ash Collins
  • Friendly with great service, and up to date Pandora Jewelry.

    Lisa Pilkington
  • Love my wedding bands and engagement ring my husband bought there.

    Rebecca Suzette Bennett
  • The staff at Jeweler's Bench is awesome! I have been helped promptly every time I have went in and looked. Friendly service with excellent prices!

    Kristin Powell
  • My business was earned by the outstanding and friendly service. I will be a repeat customer.

    Kris Yarlett
  • I love shopping here. Anna & all the staff are wonderful. I get my Pandora charms here & I just got a necklace for my anniversary... Thanks JB

    Julie Hester Honeycutt
  • I just picked up my wedding band from Jeweler's Bench, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful they have been! They helped me pick the best ring to fit my budget and the style I wanted. Everything was sized and ready quickly, and everyone in the store is so kind!

    Katie Pless
  • Great place to shop. I always get a better price. Local family owned. It's really out of my way but I would not buy jewelry from anyone else. They also do custom and repair work. Great people.

    Billy Garrett
  • Super friendly staff. Have a large selection of the Pandora charms and beautiful rings. I picked out a diamond band and still am in love with it! Highly suggest them for jewelry purchases.

    Kacey L.
  • I took a very old pair of eyeglasses—I’m thinking around 80 years old—to see if John could reattach one of the temples. I told myself not to set my hopes too high as these frames are so old, and I knew the work would be very tedious and delicate. When I picked them up, to say that I was pleased would be a huge understatement! I was amazed at the workmanship and how great they looked! Thanks so much Jeweler’s Bench!

    Chris Hughes
  • I've been doing business with The Jeweler's Bench for probably about 12 years. They have always done everything in their power to help me find what I'm looking for and even if I needed a woman's opinion on a piece of jewelry that I was picking out for my wife. They have excellent quality jewelry and affordable for any budget they also have a layaway. I would recommend this place to anybody they are the best store you could ever go to buy jewelry!!

    Carl Tester
  • Great customer service! Didn't have what I was looking for in the show room but they took the time to find and make exactly what I wanted. Thanks Sheri!

    Nathan Winningham

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